Rental Qualifications/Rental Application Guidelines:

INCOME: In order to rent an apartment or home from Property Associates Management Co. applicants must be able to show proof of employment and monthly income of 2 1/2-3 times the monthly rent. We consider all verifiable income of all adults in the household. In most cases, 2 months of paycheck stubs with YTD will suffice for this requirement. Self-employed persons may need to submit tax returns and /or bank statements. Students who are receiving parental support will need to have their parent be gurarantor. You will also need to supply a photo ID.

CREDIT REPORTS: The credit report is one of several factors we use in choosing a tenant. Although a high credit rating is preferable, we recognize that many potentially great tenants have had credit problems in the past. If your credit history is less than perfect we will look to see how long ago your credit problems occurred and assess where you are today.

REFERENCES: We will need to contact your current and former landlords for references. The rental reference is an extremely important factor in evaluating prospective tenants so make sure your application includes accurate phone numbers for your current and former landlord.

PETS: Some of our properties accept pets and some do not. If we are able to accept pets our ads will clearly state that pets are accepted or that pets are negotiable. Cats must be spayed or neutered and in some cases they must be indoor cats. Please provide a photo of your dog. Dogs must be at least two years old and we must be able to either meet the dog or get references for the dog.

SELECTION PROCESS: Selecting a tenant from several qualified applicants is not easy. We use all of the above factors in combination in choosing a tenant. It does not matter if you are the first to see a house or apartment or the last.

SIGNING A LEASE: The first month’s rent and security deposit will be due at the start of the lease and before you are given keys to the apartment. Both the security deposit and the first months’ rent must be paid with cash, a cashier’s check or money order (payable to Property Associates Management Co.). Thereafter you can pay your rent with a personal check.

Property Associates Management Co. does not discriminate based on a person's race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, source of income, age, disability, whether the person is married, or whether there are children under the age of 18 in the person's household.

Frequently Asked Questions -

1. Why should I rent from Property Associates Management Co.?
We take pride in the homes we manage. Our goal is to furnish you with a clean residence in good repair at a fair price. One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a home to rent is the ability of your landlord to provide you with prompt professional management services. For over 25 years we have been dedicated to providing our residents with friendly, excellent and prompt service.

* Residents are treated with respect. You are important to us and without you we wouldn't be in business

*All security deposit dispositions are handled promptly and according to California State Law.

* All deposits held by Property Associates are kept in a FDIC insured banking institution.

* We respect your privacy. All inspections, property showings, maintenance, etc. is by appointment with the resident, except in cases of emergency.

2. How do I arrange to view the interior of a property?
Drive by the property you are interested in to be sure that the age, condition, and surrounding area of the home is acceptable to you, then call our the office at 530-477-4328 to schedule an appointment. If the residence is currently available then you may look in the windows. If it is not yet available, please only drive by and do not disturb the tenants, an appointment is required.

3. How do I apply to rent?
Just complete the application form and submit it to our office. You will also need to supply a photo ID, proof of employment and income equal to 2.5 to 3 times the monthly rent of the property and a current credit report with score. In most cases, 2 months of paycheck stubs with YTD will suffice for this requirement. If pay stubs are not available, ask us about alternatives.

4. On what basis will my application be screened?
We do not require perfect credit and understand circumstances arise that may have been unavoidable that negatively affected your credit. In general we do look for good credit, good tenancy, and 2.5 to 3 times the monthly rent as income. Please review our Rental Qualifications page for more information. In certain cases additional deposit or a cosigner may be acceptable to compensate for credit or verifiable rental history.

5. What is your pet policy?
Some of our properties will accept pets with certain restrictions and an additional security deposit, so be sure to check with our office to see if your pet would be permitted. Prohibited types of pets include the following dog breeds; Rottweiler, Doberman, Chow, Bull Terrier and any breed commonly referred to as a "pit bull". We will need a current picture of your dog(s). Dogs are not allowed in any of our rental apartments.

6. What happens after I move in?
Be sure to complete your move-in check list and return it to the office within 10 days of occupancy. Please highlight anything that needs immediate attention.

Property Associates is a full service property management company and will be there for you throughout your tenancy. Please view our Tenant FAQ's for more information.

7. Can I have a copy of my credit report?
Yes, Just ask and you can pick it up at our office during normal business hours.

8. Can I have a roommate?
Yes, as long as the person fills out an application, is approved and added to the lease. If a roommate moves out the security deposit is held until all tenants on the lease move out. The refund check is made out to all adults on the lease unless a signed release of interest in the security deposit is on record.

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